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A symbolic picture of a cookie with a ticket inside.

Compiling a Custom Browser to Bypass Anti-Bot Measures

The journey veritas and I took to extract the AES keys and browser flags/fingerprint from the Supreme anti-bot system.

reverse engineering project external

The Harbour Porpoise Map program showing the position estimation of a porpoise and the location of the sensor array.

Harbour Porpoise Map

Map program created to display a live map of porpoise detections and position estimations; created in Python and built using the Tkinter GUI library.

academic project

The poster that was a part of the TEXPO 2022 demonstration. The poster is titled 'Passive Localization Algorithm using a Highly Integrated Acoustic Sensor Array'.


Demonstration and poster presentation at the Graduate Student Research Competition that was hosted in Québec City, QC, Canada on June 20, 2022.

academic demonstration

A photograph of the underwater sensor platform after recovery.

Parrsboro Berm Test

Three-week sea trial experiment on the berm near Parrsboro, Nova Scotia.

academic experiment

A photograph of an open, hard-cover book which is open to two blank pages.


Peer-reviewed conference papers, reports, and a thesis.


A photograph of rows computer setups, showing the back side of the monitors.

Professional Experience

Previous professional experience and internships.


A photograph of two crossed flags, blue (left) with red (right) on top.


A selection of the Capture the Flags, hackathons, and other programming challenges I participated in.


A photograph of a curved section of train track with a low perspective close to the tracks, shallow depth of field.

Train Control Map

Map program created to control a model train; created in Python and built using the Tkinter GUI library.

academic project

A close-up photograph of the XILINX ZYNQ microchip on the ZYBO Development Board.


A selection of some programming projects I completed.


A photograph of the front of the Emera IDEA Building at Dalhousie University.


Previous post-secondary education.